Conference Room A

conference room a

Conference Room A

by Ben Cikanek
directed by Mike Klar

About the Play

A new comedy about finding soul in a life dedicated to The Man.

A threesome of young professionals are stuck overnight in the office looking for love, happiness, and enough beer to make them forget who they’re really working for. The sexy new intern, Jill, plays sweet and innocent to seduce her straight-laced boss, Brent who’s star-struck by her virgin wholesomeness while Robbie eggs him on, knowing that she’s really a nympho party chick. Cameos by 40oz big beers and a Heavenly mattress (Business Purpose: Office Sex) expose the tedium of cubical life in a view from the bottom in Conference Room A.


Press – [read the review]

It is complexities of the characters that really makes Conference Room A an engaging play. [Ben] Cikanek has each character manipulating the others, but what I found endlessly fascinating was trying to figure out just who is manipulating whom. John Peery as Brent is so convincing as the spineless, soulmate-searching supervisor that I had to keep telling myself that he was just acting. Candice Holdorf portrays Jill with such depth that I saw her beauty as a grand entrance to a character (and actor) that I wanted to know more about. Finally, Josh Tyson as Robbie steals the night. He is a focused and volatile actor who is equally at home showing deep emotion as he is shooting off sarcastic and often offensive remarks.

- Richard Hinojosa

Show Business Weekly - [read the review]

The complex characters keep this play tight and exciting. We feel physically and intimately close to them as we hear their secrets and hidden flaws. The office politics and gossip bring Conference Room A to a tense, abrupt ending, but the individual characters maintain their emotional draw throughout. Conference Room A portrays brilliant and sad characters, as playwright Ben Cikanek questions our own motivations and secret hopes.
- Michael Wang


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Creative Team

Rachel BauderStage Manager
Heather KlarCostume Design
Jacob OakleySet Construction
Robert Patrizi Executive Producer
Ryan Robinson Photography