Spring and Jake Review

NEW YORK:   A couple of years ago, twentysomethings Jake and Spring were boyfriend and girlfriend.  Now they just have the occasional rendezvous they dubiously call “Funday.”  There’s nothing holding them together, and nothing holding them apart.  In the middle, they have guilt-free sex, deli breakfast sandwiches, and no strings attached—

sort of.


“Spring and Jake: A Post Breakup Love Story” will open a two-week run at UNDER St. Marks on October 21.  Performances are on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through October 30.


The location is Billyburg—or rather, bed.  The topic is sex.  And love.  And what went wrong.  And feelings that just won’t go away.  And what to do with your life.  And how your father figures into all of this.  And by the way…Bob?  You’re dating some guy named Bob?  Gross.


“Spring and Jake” is brought to you by the same writing/directing team that last year served up “The Blue Martini” at UNDER St. Marks, a slightly sordid comedy that the Off-Off Broadway Review strangely called “deliciously divine.”


Playwright Mike Ferrell and director Ben Cikanek are alumni of the Chicago improv scene; both did time at the prestigious Improv Olympic.