The Blue Martini (2003)

Blue Martini 2003
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The Blue Martini (2003)

by Michael Ferrell
directed by Ben Cikanek

About the play

The Blue Martini features a group of Chicago twenty-somethings struggling to figure out the meaning of love, sex, and life. The story hinges on the alcohol-assisted entanglements between a sexy and cynical bar/club critic, a repressed cute girl, a computer-game freak, and a churchgoing, bartending handsome dude. There's also the requisite gay roommate, who happens to sell “pleasure items” to women at Tupperware-style parties.

Indeed, the producers offer the following as warning and as enticement: the production contains adult language, adult situations, and adult "props."

The Blue Martini is being served up by two alumni from the Chicago improv scene. Both did time at the prestigious Improv Olympic. The playwright, Mike Ferrell, is also playing the role of Jack the bartender. He was last seen in The Great American Cheese Sandwich in New York, and Something Blue and Shtick People in Chicago. Directing is Ben Cikanek, an award-winning filmmaker (The Protege) and member of New York's Steading Film Collective.

The play is coming from Chicago by way of Greensboro, North Carolina, where it enjoyed a successful summer run.



Visiting nyc – [read the review]

Welcome to New York City.

So you have your hotel booked, you looked into Statue of Liberty tours, you packed your fall clothes for a romantic walk through Central Park, you made a reservation for Tavern on the Green, and now it is time to buy tickets for Broadway.

What will it be? The Lion KingHairsprayThe Producers?

Pick any of them and go, but don't forget to set aside an evening for true New York City theater. The Blue Martini is playing in the heart of Manhattan's East Village - just a quick cab ride away from Times Square. The East Village is teeming with specialty retail shops, friendly bars, and amazing restaurants, warm and welcoming - no reservations necessary.

When you head back home and your friends and family ask, how was New York City? You will have all the bragging rights you need. After all, you will have just seen the funniest new talent in New York City. Plus, it will give you a reason to keep your eye on the big screen, so when you see someone from our cast in the movies, you can off-handedly remark, "I saw her in a cozy little theater in the East Village back in 2003. I knew she would make it big."