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Winter Reading Series 2012

About the Series

Join us from February 15-18 at CPR - Center for Performance Research in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for our first-ever Winter Reading Series featuring 4 new plays over 4 nights by Delaney Britt Brewer, Sarah Hammond, Marina Keegan, and Adam Szymkowicz.

Admission is free, but seating will be limited.

The Death of a Diplomat

On a winter night on the Upper West Side, Olivia Peterson has planned what she deems her finest meal to date. The dinner guests include her neighbor, her brother, his young lover, and a mysterious diplomat from an unknown place. But, an accidental event upends the gathering from an awkward affair to an unwieldy evening of cover ups, illicit drug use, terrorism, classic rock, and of course, international food trends.

For ONE NIGHT ONLY – Wednesday, February 15 at 8pm

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The Extinction of Felix Gardens

by Sarah Hammond
directed by Mary Birnbaum


Felix is a janitor with a tiger in his apartment, Brooke is a forest ranger who got kicked out of Colorado because she burned down the forest. She moves into his building. It's a love story. A marginal one. It's a marginal love story about wilderness and the city and how things fall apart if you try to put both in one apartment.

For ONE NIGHT ONLY – Thursday, February 16 at 8pm

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Utility Monster

by Marina Keegan
directed by Josh Tyson


Dive into the crazy world of a 15-year-old boy from Queens obsessed with saving African children for $5 on the Internet. Bad electronic bands, pancreatic cancer, grand theft art and a remarkably ill-conceived plan soon take his obsession beyond rationality and back again.

For ONE NIGHT ONLY – Friday, February 17 at 8pm

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Fat Cat Killers

In this vicious comedy, Steve and Michael become the hapless victims of corporate cutbacks. Their former boss soon discovers just how dead-end their jobs really were.

For ONE NIGHT ONLY – Saturday, February 18 at 8pm

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The Venue:

A short walk from the Graham [L],  Lorimer [L] and Metropolitan [G], CPR is a 4000 square foot L.E.E.D certified (Green!) center for performing arts in the heart of Billyburg, Brooklyn. Learn more about CPR.