The wolves Production


by Delaney Britt Brewer
directed by Mike Klar

About the play

A wolf collides with a young couple’s automobile on a snowy New Year’s Eve, igniting this triptych on the violence of deception. Unfolding across three relationships, an impotent novelist grasps for affection from his resentful fiancé, a woman longs for the specter of her overbearing ex-girlfriend, and a child discovers her unwitting role in her parents’ divorce. Acclaimed playwright Delaney Britt Brewer deftly weaves humor and compassion in this world premiere production of Wolves.




The New York Times - [read the review]

"The young playwright Delaney Britt Brewer has created an intricately woven, emotionally chilly drama about the pain of approaching 30 in New York."
‎"The dialogue is occasionally funny, but more interesting than its satire is the play’s clever formal style that breaks up the story into three parts that echo off one another. It’s a puzzle of a piece..."
Jason Zinoman
The New York Times
August 9, 2010


New York Post - [read the review]

"...disarmingly charming...'Wolves' weaves an intriguing spell. The 29-year-old playwright is particularly good at describing the crushing banality with which some relationships end."
‎"Excellent" (regarding Josh Tyson's performance as CALEB)
‎"As the arch, seductive Sasha, Julie Fitzpatrick lights up the stage in a too-brief appearance -- literally, since she plays a vision summoned up by an ex-girlfriend, Julie (Megan Hart). Full of regret and loss, the scene between the two women is one of the show's best."
Elisabeth Vincentelli
New York Post
August 9, 2010


Time Out New York - [read the review]

"...a fierce theatrical thinker is beginning to bare her teeth." (regarding the playwright, Delaney Britt Brewer)
"...handsomely stylized by director Mike Klar"
Helen Shaw
Time Out New York
August 11, 2010

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